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April 2019

CODAN ARGUS launches enhanced firmware version for CODAN A616S InCare / TCI
With the simplified setup workflow and further operational enhancements user feel even more at ease administering infusion therapies with CODAN syringe pumps anytime, anywhere. → Login

March 2019

CODAN ARGUS introduces next generation of BARCODE ASSISTED INFUSION (BAI) for CODAN volumetric infusion pumps  
The innovative BAI multidrug workflow can easily be integrated into any ward, such as Oncology departments, general wards, or Intensive Care Units. Next to BAI, further operational features and functions enhancing work efficiency and patient safety are implemented. → Login

August 2018

CODAN ARGUS launches enhanced firmware version for CODAN A717V / A718V and CODAN A616S InCare/TCI
With the firmware releases, new operational and safety enhancements are introduced for an even more convenient and safe pump operation. → Login

May 2018

ARGUSservice update is now available
This ARGUSservice update is mandatory for certain releases of CODAN A616S InCare / TCI and CODAN A717V / A718V → Login