The precise syringe pump for TCI in anaesthesia and analgesia

The CODAN A616S TCI offers medical staff in anaesthesia and analgesia the possibility to easily execute very reliable, precise and fast reacting Target Controlled Infusion (TCI) therapies.

Developed in cooperation with Dr. Charles Minto (Australia) and Prof. Dr. Thomas Schnider (Switzerland), the CODAN A616S TCI allows precise control of infusion of Propofol ("Schnider" - PK Model) and Remifentanil ("Minto" - PK Model). Thanks to the powerful calculation algorithm, the pump reacts immediately to target concentration changes and automatically re-calculates the resulting infusion rates. The response to user inputs such as stopping or pausing drug administration is instantaneous.

For both, Propofol and Remifentanil the TCI system can control either plasma concentration or effect site concentration, depending on the selected TCI mode.

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