CODAN Volumetric Infusion Pumps

The volumetric pumps are suitable for administering large volumes of medication in all sorts of therapeutic fields. The underlying handling philosophy is self-explanatory and its many configurable options enable it to be tailored perfectly to its field of application. It is for these reasons that it is proving itself with excellence in specialist applications such as oncology.

ARGUS 717 V / ARGUS 718 V - flexible and safe in every way

The volumetric pumps ARGUS 717 V / ARGUS 718 V are based on the latest Technology.

ARGUS 717 V:
for use with the infusion sets of all leading manufacturers

ARGUS 718 V:
for use only with the patented CODAN Anti-Free-Flow System

Fact Sheet ARGUS 717 V / ARGUS 718 V - Volumetric Infusion Pumps